Your Flexible Partner P.A. SERVICES GROUP

Tax consultancy

A team of international tax advisors to provide the customer with the necessary support

Certified Tax Reports

Support for citizens of any nationality residing in Italy for the fulfilment of these obligations, offering the most suitable solution

Corporate management

Services for the establishment of national and international companies and granting of mandates

Corporate consulting

Integrated business services are tailored in order to guide the investment analysis and create business plans

Labour law

Integrated business services are tailored in order to guide the investment analysis and create business plans

Company profile

P.A. Services Group was established to offer specialised integrated services to individuals and companies, to further and expand the activities of Patronato Acli, which has been operating since 1945 to provide workers with information, support and protection in social security matters. “With this vision, it was necessary to create a group of experts to better use a great heritage of technical knowledge, international relations and professional experience”. The network of 84 offices across 20 countries around the world (Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, United States, Canada, Venezuela, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, South Africa and Australia) makes P.A. Services Group an international company that can offer qualified support based on an established presence in the area and knowledge of local legal and tax regulatory frameworks. The professional solution to our customer’s needs is our end goal.

Reliability. Quality. Dynamism. These are the values we believe in and on which we have based all our activity. Our aim is to support our customers in a reliable, professional and confidential manner. We also support them in their vision for growth, supporting them in looking for new opportunities, even beyond their expectations. Reliability. Each situation is unique: we focus on each of our customers’ specific cases and find specific, highly customized solutions, developed exclusively for them. Quality. We believe in doing things properly. We believe in teamwork and the great results it can achieve, thanks to the contribution everyone can make through their specific skills. Dynamism. We are a streamlined company, and as such easily adapt to changes, evolving continuously in order to provide up-to-date solutions, in line with the most recent regulations and the latest management technologies.